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Democrats rest their case in impeachment trial of Donald Trump

U.S. House impeachment managers rested their case on Thursday in the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. In their third day of presentations, the Democrats presented video clips and other evidence showing participants saying they attacked the Capitol at the behest of Trump. 

The House team also relied heavily on video footage during the first half of its presentation Wednesday, which included several videos from Capitol security cameras that hadn’t been seen publicly before. In finalizing the case, Democrats called on senators to vote in favor of Trump’s guilt. Five people died as a direct result of the attack and dozens were injured. The FBI has so far made hundreds of arrests. 

Trump attorneys Bruce Castor and David Schoen are expected to begin presenting their defense on Friday. After both sides are finished making their presentations, senators will be able to start asking questions. Then the Senate may have to vote on admitting witnesses or evidence, after which both sides will each have 4 hours to make their closing arguments. After that, the Senate will deliberate and render its verdict. The trial is expected to last into next week.

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