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Nancy Pelosi is re-elected House Speaker in narrow vote

The 117th Congress convened on Sunday to swear in new lawmakers and re-elect Nancy Pelosi as House speaker. Democrats are set to enter the session with the narrowest majority in the House for either party in 20 years with a 222-211 lead over Republicans and two new Democrats and four Republicans were sworn into the Senate while a pair of runoff elections to determine the balance of the chamber will be held Tuesday.

Pelosi secured the votes necessary for another round as House speaker, after running unopposed following a nomination from Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. Two Democrats voted against Pelosi, with Rep. Jared Golden of Maine voting for Sen. Tammy, D-Ill., and Rep. Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania voting for Jeffries. All Republican members supported House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for speaker with 209.

Sunday’s meeting comes amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Senate and House will also prepare to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election on Wednesday in a joint session.

Pelosi wins re-election as House speaker with slim majority


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